SilentCare - Quiet and efficient room air filtration

Now more than ever we value clean air free of viruses, bacteria and other air pollutants. In places with large numbers of people, such as classrooms or offices, the level of pollutants in the air can rise rapidly, significantly increasing the risk of infections for people.
As the level of fresh air cannot be guaranteed to be optimal, SilentCare, developed by Filtration Group, is the solution to this problem that we have been waiting for.
It filters the air effectively, renewing the total volume of air in the room several times per hour with extremely high efficiency, ensuring that levels of environmental pollutants are reduced to a minimum. And, above all, it operates very quietly. The noise level of SilentCare is well below the average office noise level (50 - 60 dB(A)) and guarantees trouble-free operation.
In addition, the wheeled system is particularly suitable for use in crowded areas, office buildings, meeting rooms, as well as schools, universities and kindergartens.

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