Pneumatic expansion shafts and safety chucks

Vorwald pneumatic expansion shafts can be used in nearly all applications. Different models, light models, heavy duty models and special forms, with individual expansion ledges and diameter up to 500mm are available. The simple and well designed construction ensures a long service life. All expansion shafts described above are available on customer request in special versions and as expansion shafts with bearing on only one side.


  • Simple construction according to the modular design principle
  • Dirt accumulation is minimised
  • High rotation speeds are possible
  • Very short repair times
  • Numerous variants
  • Available shaft diameters up to 500 mm
  • With individual expansion ledges
  • Heavy reel weights and large torques possible

Safety chucks

These safety chucks provide security during rewinding and unwinding operations. The locking device can only be opened, in order to take out the shaft when it is stationary at the top. Insertion is very easy via the oblique standing hand wheel. For simple applications these safety chucks constitute an extremely economical solution as bearings for expansion shafts. For more exacting requirements and higher rotation speeds the safety chucks can be delivered with replaceable VT-inserts. We are pleased to offer the optimum safety chucks/ expansion shaft combination for your particular application.

Features and advantages

  • Safety chucks, self-closing when rotation starts
  • Grooved ball bearings for robust supporting
  • Foot mounted or flange mounted, with or without shaft end
  • Numerous forms of journal take-up available
  • Closing mechanism (hand wheel) rotates
  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Optionally with replaceable VT-insert
  • Optionally with special fittings such as brake, transverse and longitudinal adjustment facility
  • No interfacing problems, by purchasing safety chucks and expansion shafts from the same supplier
  • pneumatic expansion shafts 840x580

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