Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Valves DV

The DV pressure valves are hydraulically pilot-controlled valves. They comprise a main valve and one or several pilot-controlled valves. The modular design permits using different pilot control valves which means a multitude of functions can be implemented. Along with pressure limiting and pressure control functions, this also includes special solutions such as pressure range switching valves and valves with electric relief. Typical application areas are oil hydraulics and lubrication technology.

  • Pilot-controlled pressure valves for large volume flows of up to 1800 l/min
  • Wide functionality through modular construction
  • Supplied standard with outlet port measurement connector M
  • External control-oil regulation connector X (e.g. for hydraulic relief)
  • Redundant pressure protection with maximum pressure limitation (optional)
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with KRACHT type SPV(F) and HV(F) valves
  • Marine acceptance by various classification companies on request
Pressure Relief Valves SPV, SPVF direct operated

The pressure relief valve SPV/SPVF is a direct spring sliding piston valve. It is intended for mounting in pipelines and is suitable to safeguard low pressure hydraulic circuits. The pipe connection is to be effected either by SAE-mounting surfaces (3000 psi) or by Whitworth pipe threads ”G“. Notes - When using strongly aerated media, the valve should preferably be mounted vertical with the setscrew facing down. - The tank connection T of the valve must not be exposed to underpressure when subject to flow (Q > 0), as in this case the valve cannot be ventilated, possibly resulting in unwanted vibrations and noise. If this is unavoidable, the special solution (S33) provides an alternative.

Pressure Relief Valves HV, HVF pilot operated

The pilot operated, sliding piston pressure relief valve HV/HVF is intended for inline mounting and is suitable to safeguard mean pressure hydraulic circuits up to 160 bars. The pipe connection is to be effected either by SAE-Mounting Surfaces (3000 psi) or by Whitworth Pipe Threads “G”. Due to the design principle of sliding piston piloting the valve is also suitable for higher viscosities.

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