Safety chucks

Boschert Safety Chucks are renowned all over the world as the industry standard for safety. Boschert Safety Chucks can be supplied to suit different shaft end configurations with a range suitable for square shaft ends from 14mm to 230mm, in either Pedestal or Flange mounting, to suit individual requirements.

Safety chucks

VT Chuck:

  • For high speed, high torque Applications
  • Flexible in opening shape and size
  • Ultra fast changing of the replaceable inserts

C Chuck:

  • For applications on a lower RPM level
  • Very economic

Sliding Chuck:

  • Follows different length of Air shafts
  • Low cost side adjustment
Pneumatic chucks

P Chuck:

  • Extended safety
  • No operator is needed

A Chuck:

  • Axial + radial alignment built in
  • Mechanical lock integrated
  • Twin cylinders for extra safety
  • Brakes
  • Aluminum cones
  • Slide axial / radial
  • Tension control
  • STO 30-40 VT1 700 450px
What is a safety chuck?