ATEX hand-held agitator

Our hand-held agitator eco-Up enables an ergonomic and safe stirring of substances of all kinds. Despite important safety precautions the agitator is equipped with to make its operation completely safe, its handling is easy and comfortable due to its special features:

eco-Up is ATEX certified for ATEX zone 1 and operable in explosive atmospheres.

It is equipped with an ergonomic handle for both hands that enables the stable standing of the operator and which facilitates its safe lifting. Now substances of all kinds, be it liquid or highly viscous, can be stirred with powerful movements.

Its two-hand operation avoids accidents. As soon as one hand lets go of the handle, the agitator is automatically switched off.

eco-Up is equipped with a stepless speed control. It convinces with its high torque, with which it stirs even initially high-viscous substances easily.

For a comfortable storage after work, a functional hanging system can be ordered optionally. There are two kinds of impellers, with upward or downward stirring movements respectively, which you can choose from.