The first electric wheel integrating motor and batteries

ez-Wheel proposes the first industrial electric wheel featuring embedded motor and batteries. This revolutionary solution can quickly and easily power any rolling material dedicated to load handling or people transportation.

Series 160+

The ez-Wheel 160+ series industrial electric wheel is a powerful and efficient way to provide electrical assistance to rolling medical equipment.

When using the ez-Wheel on hospital equipment, the electric traction provided allows the movement of hundreds of kilograms without any operating noise.

One of the advantages of this industrial wheel is that the motor control included in the wheel can manage both braking and traction.

The assistance in moving and manoeuvring offers comfort of use and safety for the repeated movements of the nursing staff. A full day's use is possible without recharging thanks to the autonomy of the integrated battery. The electric wheel can be recharged occasionally, each time the equipment is connected to the mains.

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter 158 mm
  • Up to 5 km/h
  • Moves up to 750 kg
  • With encoder for setting maximum speed + deceleration or freewheel mode
  • Standard model with 1 internal battery (possibility of adding a second battery to double the autonomy)
  • It can be used without an internal battery and can be powered by 24 V DC from an external source.
  • It can be used to supply another 24 V DC component (electric cylinder, ...)
  • Waterproof
  • Protection class IP66
  • Optional electromechanical parking brake


  • Low height allows integration under the lowest frames
  • Composed of a fairing which protects all the components against shocks and projections
  • Provides electrical assistance when moving loads up to 750 kg.
  • Reduces the effort of manoeuvring the trolleys
  • Immediate installation thanks to a self-powered system
  • Compact and robust
  • Fully programmable (maximum speed per direction, acceleration, freewheel, braked wheel, etc.)


Kit 160+ Series

Complete kit (ezKIT160M-1/E/+ or ezKIT160M-2/E/+) consisting of:

  • 160M+ series wheel with 1 or 2 internal batteries (IP66)

  • 1.8A charger MASCOT1A8FR

  • Rotating handle ezARH

  • Remote on/off button with LED ezSPBC-BD

  • Remote charging cable 2m ezCC2M/160

  • 3m cable between wheel and handle and between wheel and on/off button ezAC3M-BD/160

Application: Sterilisation trolley