ez-Wheel present the first industrial electric wheel featuring embedded motor and batteries.
This revolutionary solution can quickly and easily power any rolling material dedicated to load handling or people transportation.

Why use an ez-Wheel?

Reduce your companies exposure to injury claims, time off work increase your worker output at the same time with the ez-Wheel avoid manual handling injuries in the workspace.

  • 11% of manual handling-related RIDDOR (Report of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) accidents involved pushing and pulling.
  • The most frequently reported site of injury was to the back (44%).
  • Upper limbs (shoulders, arms, wrist and hand) accounted for 28,6%.
  • 61% of accidents involved pushing and pulling objects that were not supported on wheels.

(data from the UK HSE website)

Load handling

ez-Wheel self-propelled electric wheels are ideal for handling equipment and moving heavy loads.
The motor control system built into wheel controls braking as well as traction. This function can, for example, limit equipment speed when handling heavy loads on a slope, making it safer for users.
The wheel can operate over a wide temperature range and its waterproof assembly ensures optimum performance in cold chain logistics.

Healthcare equipment

ez-Wheel electric wheels are an effective way of providing electrically powered assistance for mobile medical equipment.
Fitting an ez-Wheel on hospital equipment provides electric traction which can move hundreads of kilograms, without any operating noise. The help in moving and handling makes equipment comfortable for health care workers to use and protects them from injury when performing repetitive movements.
It can be used for a whole day with no need for recharging* thanks to the autonomy of the built-in battery. The wheel can be recharged from time to time, whenever the equipment is connected to the mains.

*Subject to battery selection and frequency of use. Contact us for furthers details.

Local authorities and Construction

The ez-Wheel modular design gives many possibilities for motorizing mobile equipment. All driven or drawn equipment can be electrically power assisted making it easy and safe for users.
Using equipment fitted with self-propelled wheels is very similar to working with manual equipment. Free-wheeling allows ergonomic handling and users immediately get the feel for it. They take to it naturally, with no change in working habits.
In addiction to ease of use, power assisted movement of loads by the electric motor is an effective, recognized solution for reducing industrial injuries and the musculoskeletal symptoms frequently experienced by costruction workers.

Mobility and Delivery

The development of clean vehicles is the key path towards sustainable urban mobility. ez-Wheel self-propelled electric wheels offer wide-ranging possibilities for bringing innovate electric and hybrid vehicles on to the market rapidly.
The wheel's robustness and one-piece design make it the perfect solution for fleets of self-service shared vehicles, with the incorporation of a wireless system limiting the risk of vandalism.
The wheel can immediately give electrically powered assistancefor any kind of delivery equipment, from a light hand trolley to a 300 kilograms plus delivery tricycle. The electrical motor's high torque provides exceptional clearance capability. The whell's inbuilt autonomy is enough for a whole day of deliveries, stopping and starting hundreads of times.

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